White Lotus Eye Dreams

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Contemporary Herbal Hydrotherapy

Featuring the essence of the sacred White Lotus, this soufflé-textured cream is designed to target deeper wrinkles as well as fine lines. 

Rooted in rich black mud, legendary for its herbal benefits and beauty, these Lotus blossoms are hand-harvested in July when the air is drenched in moisture.

  • Lotus extract provides potent hydration to the skin
  • Rich antioxidants in white tea helps skin combat free radical damages and delay signs of aging

Intended for dry skin.


Use daily, morning and evening. Prime the pump for first-time use by fully depressing the pump several times until product just starts to flow. For each application, lightly pump the bottle for desired small amount. Gently massage it around the eye area with fingertips.

Lily, Lotus, White Tea, Safflower

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