Orchid Waterflow Balancing Lotion

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Contemporary Herbal Hydrotherapy

Upon application, this airy lightweight lotion bursts moisture onto skin. Witch Hazel Extract helps control excess oil. Skin feels smooth and tightened, looking fresh and balanced.

  • Orchid Extract helps boost skin’s natural hydration system
  • High in tannins, Witch Hazel Extract is a natural astringent that helps remove excess oil to balance and tone the skin

Orchids have been documented as prestige herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine since 2800BC.  Today’s advanced study of orchids has shown them to help upregulate skin’s natural aquaporin-based water transport system in addition to soothing and anti-aging, giving these tropical stunners more depth in beauty.

Infused with WEI proprietary herbal complex led by Orchid Extract and enhanced by modern formulation technology, WEI Orchid regimen provides 4-dimension hydration to assist skin in producing, collecting, replenishing, and locking in moisture, leaving skin dewy and fresh with a refined youthful appearance.

Intended for all skin types.

3.4 fl oz/100mL

Use daily, morning and evening.

Apply to entire face after serum.

Orchid, Witch Hazel, Angelica, Seaweed