4 white plates with various herbal beauty ingredients and a dash of golden root purifying mud mask on a faded blue background

Potent TCM Ingredients found in Wei Beauty Herbal Blends

Research & Delivery

There are thousands of different herbs used in TCM with more than 10,000 herbal remedies already noted for posterity. Our research includes visits to remote villages and science labs alike. In rural Chinese communities we learn about practical applications for herbs, but in the lab we take an exhaustive approach to understanding the active ingredients as well as creating the best delivery systems so that we can share these remedies around the world. Our mission is to create products that, upon the first touch, convey the healing power of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

All the herbs we use in Wei are sourced through “fair trade” practice in China. We work with local farmers and buy directly from them, ensuring authenticity, purity and rooted in the community.