Our Founder

Image of Wei Brian; Founder of WEI Beauty;  in front mountain silhouette background

Founder and CEO of Wei Beauty, Wei Young Brian

Wei Young Brian

Passion and Purposes

Years back, in the heartland of China, a young tomboy found her joy in running around fields, climbing trees, digging in the dirt, picking herbs, and discovering their many uses. Her favorite after-school activity was studying Traditional Chinese Medicine with herbal Doctor Li and she dreamed of someday winning a Nobel Prize for a modern application of TCM studies. Little did this girl know that as an adult TCM would save her son's life when western medicine saw little success in treating complicated medical conditions.

Wei Brian's love and appreciation for herbal medicine has led her to a profound and impassioned belief in TCM that she shares with everyone in her life. It inspired her to create a modern interpretation of these trusted herbal blends in the only prestige TCM skincare brand - Wei Beauty.


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