Royal Ming Limited Edition Imperial Tonic

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Regarded as the National Flower, Tree Peony is well known in China for its magnificent beauty. Especially in Luo Yang, the capital city to Thirteen dynasties, where the tree peony has been cultivated by Royalty since the 5th century. By the Ming Dynasty in the 16th century, the legendary Dr. Li Shi Zhen, “Godfather of Chinese Herbs”, was said to have prescribed Royalty a secret beauty remedy led by Luo Yang Tree Peony.

During their once-a-year blooming season, Red Tree Peony is hand-picked for its energy as soon as the sun rises; White Tree Peony is hand-harvested for its purity when the moonlight shines.

At WEI, we use Supercritical Fluid CO2 technology to process one thousand Red and White Tree Peony petals to create one drop of highly-concentrated extract for that ultimate skin repair property. You too, can benefit from Luo Yang Tree Peony just as Royalty once did.

This alcohol-free softening tonic completes the cleansing process by bringing the skin into balance and providing a boost of hydration to enhance the effect of moisturizers that follow.

    • One thousand Red and White Tree Peony petals create one concentrated drop to help repair the skin
    • Tibetan Safflower helps to nourish the skin, providing potent hydration
    • Rich in phytonutrients, Wild Ginseng Root helps to regenerate, brighten, and smooth the skin
    • Centella, known as one of the miracle elixirs of life, helps strengthen the skin and improve its resilience

Intended for all skin types.


Use daily, morning and evening.

Apply to entire face and neck with a cotton square after cleansing. Follow with elixir and moisturizer.


Red Tree Peony,White Tree Peony