Notoginseng Extreme Comfort Hand Cream

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A treasured ingredient in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Notoginseng is known as “the flower of life” based on its rare healing and repairing properties.

This skin-cushioning, non-greasy cream delivers age-correcting moisture leaving hands comfortably soft, hydrated and protected, like wearing a pair of invisible gloves.

  • Notoginseng helps relieve dry, chapped and damaged skin, leaving hands softer, smoother and nourished
  • Chinese Licorice works to improve skin clarity, relieve the look of redness and strengthen resilience
  • Antioxidant benefits from the extracts of Red Sage, Wild Turmeric and Ginger help protect against daily aggressors that can cause premature aging

Intended for all skin types.


Use daily, when needed.

Wild Turmeric, Ginger, Chinese Licorice, Redroot Sage