Royal Ming Imperial Lip Repair

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Soft, Smooth and Sexy Lips. With 18 imperial herbs, our lip repair balm hydrates and conditions, giving you healthier-looking lips.

  • At the heart of this 600-year-old, 18-herb complex are Red and White Tree Peony, powerful antioxidants to help balance the skin

When the Imperial House of the Ming Dynasty discovered the core principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine it provided a fountain of youth in herbal prescriptions created exclusively for the Royal Family to achieve balanced and beautiful skin.

The Royal Staff would travel to the distant Luo Yang region to harvest the very best of Red Tree Peonies at the precise moment when the morning dew would kiss the “king of all flowers” with new life. White Tree Peonies were collected at night in the moonlight. These precious gifts would become the 2 Emperor herbs from which the Imperial Herbalist would brew his closely guarded 18-herb Royal Ming Broth. Additional herbs were skillfully added in accordance with Traditional Chinese Medicine doctrine to enhance the Red and White Tree Peony base. These included 8 Prime Minister, 5 Minister and 3 Envoy herbs to achieve the ultimate balanced beauty ritual for flawless skin.

More than 600 years later, WEI Royal Ming continues in the tradition once used exclusively by the Royal Family.

Intended for all skin types.

0.5 oz/15g

Use daily, anytime desired.

Apply to lips as needed.

Shea, Red Peony, White Peony, Tibetan Safflower, Wild Ginseng, Chinese Angelica, Chinese Foxglove, Chinese Jujube, Bamboo, Bitter Melon, Chinese Plum, Soybean, Green Tea, Chinese Licorice, Mandarin Orange

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